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Q: What are the different methods website uses to share files?

A: Various Methods Used:

πŸ‘‰ Method-1
DDL Websites like MultiUp, Zippyshare, Mega & MirrorAce. Downloading from them is pretty straight forward.
You click on the link & choose the available file-hoster & Download.
⚠️ Always use an adblocker like uBlock Origin before visiting any of the these linked sites.

πŸ‘‰ Method-2
Using OR OR will copy the file from my Google Drive account to yours but first you need to login and give access permission to it.
If you don’t have space in your “My Drive” then files will be added to your “Shared Drive/Team Drive”.
These links are perfectly safe, and your account is not in any danger from logging in or copying files.
However, Always use a dummy google account for security reasons.
E.g Link: Test it yourself. [3.6GB]

πŸ‘‰ Method-3
Using Google Drive – encrypted folder copy – Script by anadius
This Script also works in the same way as Method-2 but is more flexible in terms of options.
Source Code –
E.g Shared Link –

1. Open Link and click “Select Account”
2. Tap on Get Auth
3. Login via Google account (preferably a Dummy account)
4. Copy the Auth Code and paste in the 1st link.
5. Select then copy the file to your drive.
6. Download from your drive.

You can use the select button to choose theΒ “Shared Drive/Team Drive” & folder where to copy.
Always use a dummy account for security reasons.

πŸ‘‰ Method-4
Using Google Drive Index
This method basically mask the Naked Gdrive Link. These Links are Password protected to prevent abuse.
Source Code –
You can directly downloads using these links once unlocked.
For the password you have to join the Discord OR Telegram Channels & Check the pinned messages.
E.g Shared Link –

Q: I want the access to the Google Drive Link?

A: Yes it is available, however it is exclusive to closed community of VIP/Donors. For more info check this post.