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Q: Why not share Google Drive links publicly?

A: 1> Sharing copyrighted files from Google Drive will cause account suspension and Google will flag my files so I can’t share direct links from GD. The links will not last more than 24 hours and the used account will be deleted.

2> Each Gdrive account has Download limit, if G.Drive account exceeds one day download rate then it is unable to download anything for next 24hrs. That is, the first users will be able to benefit but the rest will not and this will generate discomfort.

Q: Is Safe to Download?

A: Although files are not hosted by our server & we simply share third party links. But yes this website is completely safe to download from.
For third Party links – Always :warning: use an adblocker like uBlock Origin before visiting any of the linked sites.

Q: For PC-Games, if there are no viruses, then why did my anti-virus pick up a trojan?

A: Anti-viruses are well-known for detecting cracks and tend to delete them automatically. The cracks are what makes these games work and allows you to play for free without purchasing the game. Just because your anti virus picks something up as a “threat” it doesn’t actually mean anything and is always a false positive.

Q: What do I do if I find a link down?

A: In the channel #report-dead-links in DISCORD post that there is a link down and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Q: I want to make a Video OR Blog post about your site, can I do this & give you credit?

A: Yes, feel free to make videos and tutorials on how to get stuff on this site. It actually helps bring more people into the community so by all means, go ahead!

Q: Why should I become a VIP/Donor User?

A: The choice is free, you are not obligated but by doing so you are supporting me & website and in return getting few perks.

Q: I got a GDrive Index link from the website, it is asking for a username & password.?

A: Please check the pinned message in #announcements in Discord & Telegram for username & password