Fast Download Mirrors

Important – Readme

Greetings to all.

I’ll be providing the fast mirror links to the stuff being posted on the website.

All normal & new posts will be uploaded to DDL sites & Google Drive.

For the methods that are used to share Google drive files, please check this announcement.

⚠️ Use an adblocker like uBlock Origin before visiting any of the linked sites.

The GDrive Mirror links that are using indexer will be password protected. This is to avoid the abuse.

For the GDrive password, please join Discord or Telegram & check the pinned message in #announcement channel(Discord).

DDL website links are not password protected.

Note: If you see random letters after opening GDrive index links. Close the page & open the link again – will work fine.

Want to become a VIP/Donor member? please check this page.

Thank You.