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Linkedin Learning From React to React Native-XQZT • Tutorial

Linkedin Learning From React to React Native-XQZT
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You’ve created an application for the web in React, and it works great! But now your boss wants a native app. How do you make the switch? In this course, Emmanuel Henri, an executive with 20+ years of experience in programming and design, shows you how to convert web views into the React Native views and leverage state management, then covers logic and certain styles, backend considerations, and necessary final steps to complete a React Native project. Emmanuel introduces you to the React base project that you will convert into a React Native application in this course. He steps through how to convert the views, then does the same for converting the styles. He explores the tools you can use to debug and view the performance of your app. Then he recommends some additional resources and offers ideas on how to make more use of the React Native project.


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     Title: From React to React Native
 Publisher: Linkedin Learning
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      Date: 2021-10-22

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    Author: Emmanuel Henri
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Learn how to move your web app in React to an app in React


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